What Does Deer Scat Look Like?

Deer feces are typically pellet or pill-shaped, over an inch in length, dark in color, and can be confused with rabbit droppings. Since rabbit feces are visibly larger, people can usually able to tell the difference upon closer inspection. As well as leaving behind small droppings, deer also produce piles of clumped pellets.

Signs of Infestation

Discovering deer droppings in the yard is typically an indication of a nearby deer problem. The pests have a tendency to stay close to wooded areas but will use private properties to forage for food. If you suspect a deer has taken residence on your property, Contact Us for professional removal.

Hazards of Deer Feces

People are not usually at risk of contracting diseases from direct contact with deer droppings. Even so, it is inadvisable to handle deer poop, as doing so can spread potentially harmful bacteria. Most of the dangers linked with deer come from parasites that use the pests as hosts. Always contact a trained wildlife professional to take care of deer infestations. The wildlife removal specialists at Critter Control of Central Michigan can handle deer removal safely and humanely.

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